Monday, April 1, 2013

catatan kedua... kad kahwin

semalam pegi ke Pameran Pengantin located at PWTC. was driving from Shah Alam with FMIL and both bff Darina and Nik, teman setia menemani rakannya ini. sangat memahami di saat memerlukan. Bila dah masuk entrance, straight away to booth Seri Sireh Kad Kahwin. at 1st glance ai dah jatuh cinta. their collection banyak yang jenis kerawang2 which i like. but it's ok we had a walk first. after about 1 hour, decided to go back to Seri Sireh. had discussion with FMIL and Darina and Nik ( and whatapp sent to my fiance) sticked to this design (lebih kurang laaa)

using metallic paper. price of RM 0.85.

other designs from Seri Sireh.
 this one with pocket. cantik but i dont like it comes with separated paper of both bride n groom's details. 

at first ai nak yang ni. then thinking macam kad raya la plak, and cost me RM 1. macam membazir je.

*make sure bring the lakaran map, they not accept any google map which my FMIL did. How ai wish he 's there with us. :'(

till then, see you on next post. Wassalam.

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