Sunday, July 14, 2013


Here's my 3rd post of wedding preparation.
For bunga telur, I'm using the service from Annur Kaseh Collections. Sekarang ni famous with bunga tisu, so I rasa it's unique. nampak kelainannya. I had another choice from other vendors. Have a look here. 

This one from Annur Kaseh. Thank Kak Azlina sudi jugak terima order even it's already late. :)

This one I found from Era Nona, Tesco Kota Bharu. Cost you RM 198 for 100 pieces without the stand (membership price). Ingat nak amek yang tapi kakak cakap plak yg ni xde bunga2, tak meriah katanya. 

this is from OhPrettyPlease . cantik but I think it's too pricey. 

Enough for my 3rd post. See u on my next post. :)
Selamat berpuasa semua.

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